Redmi Note 6 Pro – Russia Stable Version List

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  • Designed for full screen experience
    • All-new UI is tailored for full screen devices and lets the content take the front stage.
  • Natural sound system
    • We simplified system sounds and applied smart filters, so you'll hear something only when you need to.
    • Ambient sounds of the forest, beach, drizzle, stove fire, and summer night will help you to relax and focus on what's important.
    • You won't get tired of natural and ever-changing sounds of the new MIUI.
  • System
    • Fix: Updated Android Security Patch (2019#02)
  • Phone
    • Fix: Notifications about incoming calls disappeared after 5 seconds during video calls
    • Fix: UI elements for switching between cameras during video calls were displayed incorrectly
  • Lockscreen, status bar, Notification shade
    • Fix: The button that returns you to an ongoing call overlapped with time
    • Fix: Couldn't restrict floating notifications
    • Fix: Couldn't use fingerprint to unlock the device when it was locked during a call
    • Fix: The earphone icon sometimes disappeared
    • Fix: Scrolling screenshots didn't always work properly
    • Fix: Notification shade went black on the Lock screen when new notifications were received
  • Recorder
    • Fix: Recording status wasn't updated in the Notification shade when a recording was paused
  • Other improvements and optimizations
    • Other system apps (including Clock and Notes) got a major revamp too!
Download (Download to Mi Router)
Download (Download to Mi Router)